New year, New Me

I've never really had new year's resolutions before but I need improvements in the following areas: Physical, Emotional, Romantic, Sexual, Social, Economic, Creative, and Miscellaneous.

Let's review 2018 and set aims for 2019.

PHYSICAL 2018: -Weekly football, but intermittent -Good: More parkruns (5k runs) than 2017 -Bad: Got a desk job. Don't move much. -Good: Commute by bike -Good: eating less meat because veggie flatmate -Bad: sometimes get drunk, sometimes drink 3+ days a week

2019: -More regular football -Swim once a week -Drink less -Eat less choc ices -Do bike delivery jobs

EMOTIONAL 2018: Had a very low end to the year due to break up

2019: get help, try online counselling if no one to talk to.

ROMANTIC 2018: Ended a three year relationship. Loneliness and feelings making me half regret.

2019: Have crushes, have romance, make out with someone I fancy

SEXUAL 2018: Distance relationship = not enough sex.

2019: Have sex daily. Ideally in a relationship. But tbh when you're balls are blue I won't be fussy. Want to fuck an escort and suck a dick. I can't wank the year away. That would make me cry 2/3 times a day.

SOCIAL 2018: Declining social circle. No new friends on the horizon. No idea where to find them.

2019: Make friends. New hobbies? New job?

ECONOMIC 2018: First full time salary.

2019: Earn more. Use my master's degree. Romance has priority over a new job though.

CREATIVE 2018: No huge creative output.

2019: Regularly blog, make a new YouTube video, enter a short story competition.

MISCELLANEOUS – Get driving license – Read more than 12 books – Get good at pubg – Play less mobile games – Listen to more music I haven't heard before. – Document all films I watch – Cook more – Give more to charity – Have more compassion – Think more about how my actions affect others – Speak more